GAUDI ALLSTARS ORCHESTRA is the new band project by worldwide respected musician and producer GAUDI.

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Areas of Representation: North America

Gaudi’s innovative approach to live performance and versatility as a producer has kept him at the forefront of his field throughout a notable and prolific career. His music is stylistically hard to pin down as he is an artist in constant evolution. His musical exploration, over the last 30 years in the industry, has however seen him foray into punk, new wave, dub and reggae, world, experimental electronica and ‘stuff that rocks dancefloors’.. he has however got deep roots, which run like a vein throughout his music, and they are in the big basslines and spacious soundscapes of dub and the anarchic sonic potential of the world of electronic music… where anything’s possible.

He’s a full time internationally touring solo artist, a studio producer in demand and a respected musical innovator. He’s had chart hits, gold discs and awards & nominations for his work; he has released 12 solo albums, has more than 250 productions and 90 remixes to his name and his tracks feature on more than 120 compilations… There is however, no resting on laurels for this London-based, international bass man.

One of his latest endeavors is the new band Gaudi AllStars Orchestra. Magnetic is the exciting new album by the London based music producer / musician, which features a choice selection of sounds from the catalog of internationally respected experimental label RareNoiseRecords, as well as direct contributions by several top caliber musicians from the worlds of rock, jazz, and electronica.


GAUDI–ALLSTARS ORCHESTRA is the new band project by worldwide respected musician and dub-producer Gaudi. With a thousand live concerts performed in the last decade alone, touching every continent and rocking audiences in an impressive array of venues from festival main stages to slick city clubs, Gaudi with his solo formula of ‘21st Century one-man band’ has rightly earned his reputation as an incredible multi-instrumentalist and his place on the ‘must-see- live’ list.

In his live performances, he delights his audiences playing the theremin, minimoog, vocoder, tape echoes, piano, percussion, multi-effects, stylophone and dub sirens, adding live dub vocals through his much treasured analog equipment.

In his constant search for new musical avenues to explore, Gaudi has worked with many musicians and bands over the years, not always as a solo performer, he has regularly toured with different backing-bands at different points in his career. Gaudi musical performance roots back in the 80’s, playing his cross-over sound of reggae, electronica and psychedelic dub throughout the 90’s, until the 00’s, when with his live band developed a richer ’dancefloor flavored’ sound and rocked-up the electronic dance festival scene –with performances at Glastonbury, Glade, Gatecrasher, Turaya in the UK, Roskilde in Denmark, Burning Man in the USA, Sunsplash, Sonica in Italy, Skol Beat in Brazil to name but a few…

Now, a decade later, after several world tours as a solo artist, this fearless dub adventurer is once again donning his genre-blending boots and stepping out with his new creation, the GAUDI–ALLSTARS ORCHESTRA, this  band is the result of three decades of touring and on-stage experience, with a stellar lineup of top caliber musicians that not only bring their stand-alone talents, but also come with the experience of years of performing live, as members of globally respected bands such as PORCUPINE TREE, LAMB and LOUNGEDELIC.

This solid ensemble generates a fresh and original sound, not easy to encapsulate in just one word, a cross-over that could be best described as ‘krautrock meets dub meets psychedelic-electronica’.

The bass player in the GAUDI–ALLSTARS ORCHESTRA is COLIN EDWIN, from PORCUPINE TREE, he has toured the world multiple times filling stadiums and concert halls with his legendary ’psychedelic prog-rock’ band, he is a true powerhouse and considered by many to be one of the best living bass players in the world.

The drummer is NIKOLAJ BJERRE, from ‘electronica innovators’ LAMB, he’s recognized and respected by drummers worldwide for his innovative technique of fusing jazz with electronic music. His sound is distinctive and punchy and carries weight and power equally well on dancefloors and in the recording studio. His fragmented polyrhythmic patterns are captivating and satisfying for all -up to and including the most sophisticated of musical palates.

The guitarist is DE PALMA, from ’psychedelic space-rock trio’ LOUNGEDELIC, a super versatile and eclectic guitar player with his signature sound best described as ‘krautrock-spacedub’ and is created live on stage using vintage effect pedals as extra instruments, manipulating them in real time in order to add a fascinating ‘rolling hypnotic movement’ to the live performance.

Dub maestro Gaudi completes the quartet with his trademark analogue setup, plus the addition of an extra mixer, the nerve centre to which each member of the GAUDI-ALLSTARS ORCHESTRA is connected, allowing him to dub his musicians live ‘on the fly’ and add brand new improvised arrangements to every track throughout the show, that consists in a repertoire of new songs from his new album ‘Magnetic’ (where the members of the band are also included) and old Gaudi classics from his catalogue of 15 studio albums.

A live performance not to be missed! ~ The Borderline, London  06/16/2017

Tour Dates

1 Jan,  Hootananny, London (England)
12 Jan,  Book and Record, London (England)
13 Jan, Cadiz Art Gallery, London (England)
21 Jan, Ravenswood for eat or heat, London
26 Jan, Feelgood Gathering, Gold Coast
27 Jan, Rainbow Serpent, Market Stage, Victoria
30 Jan, Rainbow Serpent, Playground Stage,
Victoria (Australia)
4 Feb, Rubix,
Melbourne  (Australia)
17-19 Feb, Earth Frequency Festival, Ivory’s Rock
20 Feb, Beach Hotel, Byron Bay (Australia)
3 Mar, Okeechobee Festival, Okeechobee Lake
4 Mar, Chapel Of Sacred Mirrors, Wappingers Fall,
10 Mar, New Delhi (India)
11 Mar, Antisocial, Mumbai (India)
12 Mar 2017, Lilliput, Goa (India)
17 Mar, Euriska, Pune (India)
18 Mar, Bangalore (India)
24 Mar, Dublin (Ireland) 31
Mar,    Paris (France)
7-9 Apr, Ometeotl Festival (Mexico)
14 Apr, Akvarium Klub, Budapest, (Hungary)
15 Apr, Doof Festival (Israel)
18 Apr, Jerusalem (Israel)
21 April, Royal Festival Hall, London (England)
22 April, Babylon, Istanbul (Turkey)
14-15 May, Re-Birth Festival, Nokogiri Jama
28 May, Bearded Theory Festival, Derbyshire
16 June, Borderline, London GAUDI – ALLSTARS
22 June, – Glastonbury Festival – GAUDI & THE
ORB (England)
23 June, – Glastonbury Festival, Glade Stage
24 June, – Glastonbury Festival, Rabbit Hole Stage
25 June, – Glastonbury Festival, Clash Stage with
Jah Wobble & Youth (England)
28 June, Dakini Festival, Constanta (Romania)
30 Jun, Being Gathering, Idanha A Nova
7-9 July, Noisily Festival, Noseley (England)
12-16 July, Shankra Festival, Lostallo
31 July, Ozora, Dadpuszta GAUDI – ALLSTARS
5 Aug, Aum Ritual, Haute-Sorne Yura (Switzerland)
6 Aug , One Tribe Festival, Cheshire (England)
11 Aug,   (Portugal)
12 Aug, Boomtown Festival, Winchester (England)
16 Aug, Psy-Fi Festival, Leeuwarden GAUDI –
18 Aug, Oregon Eclipse, Main Stage, Oregon (USA)
20 Aug, Oregon Eclipse, Earth Stage, Oregon (USA)
24 Aug- Winstons, San Diego, CA (USA)
25 Aug, Stonehouse, Nevada City, CA (USA)
28 Aug – 4 Sept, Burning Man, Black Rock Desert,
Nevada (USA)
1-3 Sept, One Love Festival, Tunbridge Wells
9 Setp, Hadra Festival, Grenoble (France)
10 Sept, Illusive Festival, Corby (England)
15-17 Sept, Harvest Festival, Toronto (Canada)
22-23 Sept, Shine, Frenchtown, Montana (USA)
5 Oct, Arriri (Italy)
6-8 Oct, Space Mountain festival, Albunuelas
14 Oct, Megadog, Bangor (Wales)
28 Oct, Chapel Of Sacred Mirrors, Wappingers
Falls, NY (USA)
21 October, Trades, Hebden Bridge (England)
28 Oct, Bowlers, Manchester (England)
3 Nov 2018, Raasta, New Delhi (India) TBC
10 Nov, Wonderflip, Udaipur, Rajasthan (India)
23 Nov, Earthcore, Victoria, GAUDI IN DUB
25 Nov, Earthcore, Victoria, GAUDI & DEEP
FOREST (Australia)
30 Nov, Factory Theatre, Sydney, GAUDI & DEEP
FOREST (Australia)
1 Dec, Prince Bandroom, Melbourne, GAUDI &
DEEP FOREST (Australia)
2 Dec, AUM Corbans Art Center, Auckland, GAUDI
& DEEP FOREST (New Zealand)
8 Dec, Trades Club, Hebden (England)
31 Dec, Cosmic Convergence, Lake Atitlan
10 Jan 2018, Barby, Tel Aviv (Israel)
4 Feb 2018, Sulafest, Nasik (India)
10 Feb 2018, Hadra, Grenoble (France)
23-26 Feb 2018, Chilltop, Hilltop, Goa (India)
1 Mar 2018, Klika (Israel)
Mar 2018, Sound Ports, Istanbul (Turkey)
25-27 May 2018, Shindig, Bristol (England)
28Jun-3July 2018, Dakini Festival, Eforie – GAUDI
27-30 July 2018, Electric Love, Vancouver, BC
8-13 Aug 2018, Samsara Festival, Siófok –GAUDI
G A U D I – TOUR 2016
‪1 Jan‪, The Space, London (England)
‪13 Feb‪, The Factory, San Francisco, California (USA)
‪7 Mar‪, Tribal Gathering, Colon (Panama)
‪17 Mar‪, Raasta, Delhi (India)
‪18 Mar‪, Bonobo, Mumbai (India)
‪19 Mar‪, Indie March, Bangalore (India)
‪20 Mar‪, Euriska, Pune (India)
‪23 Mar‪, Lilliput, Goa (India)
‪19 April‪ 1015 Folsom, San Francisco, CA
‪20 May‪, Nectar Lounge, Seattle, Washington (USA)
‪21-22 May‪, Kinnection, Deerfields, North Carolina (USA)
‪27-29 May‪, No Man’s Land, Blandford (England)
‪10 June‪, The Scala (w Deep Forest), London (England)
‪18 June‪, Klika On The Beach, Tel Aviv (Israel)
‪25 June‪, Madrid (Spain)
‪1 July‪, Passing Clouds, London (England)
‪6–10 July‪, Samsara,  Shook Toreki (Hungary)
‪16-17 July‪, Wanderlust, Squaw Valley, California (USA)
‪20-23 July‪, Harmonic, Haut Var (France)
‪25-28 July‪, Mo-Dem Festival,  Primislje (Croatia)
‪29 July‪, Electric Brixton (w The Orb), London (England)
13 Aug, Boomtown Festival, (England)
15 Aug, Boom, Idanha A Nova (Portugal)
25-29 Aug, Psy-Fi, Leeuwarden (Holland)
2 Sept, One Love Festival, Essex (England)
4 Sept, Bologna (Italy)
9 Sept, Twistival, Tel Aviv (Israel)
16-18 Sept, Puretone Resonate, Granada (Spain)
17-21 Sept, Earthdance, Jerusalem (Israel)
23 Sept, Symbiosis, main stage, Oakdale, California (USA)
24 Sept, Symbiosis, dub stage, Oakdale, California (USA)
28 Sept, Empire, Austin, Texas (USA)
29 Sept, New Mountain, Asheville, North Carolina (USA)
‪30 Sept, Denver, Colorado‪ (USA)
01-11 Oct, Tour USA + Hawaii
14 Oct, Electric Brixton, London (England)
‪27 Oct‪, Jameson Music Routes (Portugal)
‪28 Oct‪, Love Ball, Okinawa (Japan)
‪29 Oct‪, Harvest Festival, Gifu (Japan)
‪2 Nov‪, venue ba, Osaka (Japan)
‪4 Nov‪, Hamamatsu (Japan)
‪5 Nov‪, Unit, Tokyo (Japan)
‪6-15 Nov‪, Tour China
17 Nov, Book and Record, London (England)
15 Dec, Book and Record, London (England)
22 Dec, Eilat (Israel)
14 Feb, Ash, Arambol (India)
16 Feb, Lilliput, Anjuna (India)
25 Feb, Lilliput, Anjuna (India)
26 Feb, Curlies, Goa (India)
28 Feb, Euriska, Pune (India)
7 Mar, Vasundhara Festival, Arambol (India)
8 Mar, Marbela, Morjim (India)
13 Mar, The Twisted Pepper, Dublin (Ireland)
16 Mar, Barby, Tel Aviv (Israel)
28 Mar, Officina 99, Naples (Italy)
2 April, 16
TOHH, Moscow (Russia)
2 May, Triplicity Festival (England)
9 May, Re:birth Festival, Chiba (Japan)
13 May, Amate-Raxi, Tokyo (Japan)
24 May, Coalition, Brighton (England)
18 june, Music Hall, Asheville, North Carolina (USA)
19 june, T T The Bear, Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
20 June, C.O.S.M, Wappingers Falls, New York
21 june, Substratum, Philadelphia, Illinois (USA)
22 June, Deep Space, New York City, New York (USA)
26 June, Astral Circus, London (England)
28 June, Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury
17 July, Lushed Festival, Sligo (Ireland)
31 July, Harmonic Festival, Oppidum Du Col D’Eze
9 Aug, Ozora, Dad Puzsta, (Hungary)
17 Aug, Sonica Festival, Belluno (Italy)
29 Aug, Whirl Y Fayre,
Avalon (England)
31 Aug, Psy-Fi, Leeuwarden
5 Sept, Tribal Village, London (England)
19 Sept, Harvest Festival , Alberta (Canada)
15 Oct, Red Room, Vancouver, BC (Canada)
16 Oct, Star Theatre, Portland, Oregon (USA)
17 Oct, Nectar Lounge, Seattle, Washington (USA)
18 Oct, The Wild Buffalo, Bellingham, Washington (USA)
21 Oct, Haven Underground, Nevada City, California
22 Oct, The Social Hall, San Francisco, California
23 Oct, Art Outside Festival, Rockdale, Texas (USA)
24 Oct, Cervantes, Denver, Colorado (USA)
28 Oct, Zanzibar, Los Angeles, California (USA)
29 Oct,  Green
Room, Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)
30 Oct, El Rey Theatre, Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA)
31 Oct, Animas Theatre, Durango,  Colorado (USA)
20 Nov, Bass Camp, New Delhi  (India)
21 Nov, Bass Camp, Mumbai (India)
27 Nov, Taipei (China)
28 Nov, Love Ball, Okinawa (Japan)
2 Dec, Nagano, Hakuba 902 (Japan)
3 Dec, Dommune, Tokyo (Japan)
4 Dec, Liquid Room, Tokyo (Japan)
5 Dec, Circus, Osaka (Japan)
6 Dec, Octave, Kyoto (Japan)
31 Dec, The Mad Hatters, London (England)

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Best known for his work in dub, electronica and reggae, London-based musician and producer Gaudi is busting down barriers as he launches his album Magnetic with his brand new Allstars orchestra. Joining him are Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) on bass, drummer Nikolaj Bjerre, and guitarist Pippo De Palma, while Gaudi provides keyboards, theremin, electronics, and vocals.

The band eases seamlessly into 30Hz Dub Prelude directly from the pre-show music for a trippy, laid-back beginning. Bjerre is the bedrock, Edwin locks deep into his grooves, De Palma’s Stratocaster is drenched in effects, and Gaudi manipulates dials and wafts his right hand around the theremin like a mad conductor to conjure a swirling mass of sound.

nocturnal Sonata is an early standout, starting in a dub/reggae beat before bursting into a big rock section, while

Die Ballade vom Frosch lets Bjerre enjoy a series of rumbling runs around his kit.

“Yes, oh my God, a dream come true!” gasps Gaudi, who breathlessly introduces the band before adding, “I really don’t know what I’m playing, but I’m enjoying it!”

Driven by Edwin’s gnarly bassline, electronic impromptu in E-flat Minor has a spaced-out sci-fi vibe, while Modular Rondo sounds like the soundtrack to some lost 80s John Carpenter film, reaching peak intensity as Gaudi karate chops at his theremin. Planet x, from 2013’s in Between Times, is built around a single droning pattern, but the Allstars add texture and drama to Gaudi’s electronic soundscape, with De Palma leaning on his wah-wah pedal and Bjerre uncorking some tasty fills.

A cover of Harmonia’s Dino from

1974 ventures into odd time signature territory as Edwin lays down a groove that works brilliantly against the main rhythm, and then they return to the 80s John Carpenter vibe with Memories in My Pentagram. They encore with Sufani, from 2014’s Bass, Sweat & Tears, as Gaudi per‐ forms Konnakol vocal drumming. The dub maestro seems quite transported.

not a conventional prog experience by any measure, but a most enjoyable voyage into the outer reaches of the musical solar system where dub, ambient, and rock merge into bold new shapes.


Technical Riders:

Gaudi Rider: Download (pdf)

Gaudi Allstars Orchestra rider: Download (pdf)


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