Riot Artists is a global talent agency devoted to discovering, developing and promoting the careers of artists who inspire us. We specialize in booking, career development, and production of tours for artists who exemplify the pinnacle of talent and accomplishment within their respective genres and fields.

We understand the passion and sweat required to building a sustainable career in today’s music industry. What thrills us most is music that challenges genres, cultural boundaries and perceptions. On our roster you’ll find innovators and agitators, musicians who understand their culture’s history and are committed to creating a more progressive sonic and social future. We represent a wide range of established, traditional artists as well as fusion artists who approach music from a new perspective. We are also committed to fostering the new generation of artists who combine the new with the traditional, they are the lineage holders who are creating new sounds while honoring the past.

Founded by an entrepreneurial spirit and a profound appreciation for music, Riot Artists has worked with hundreds of artists over decades, booking thousands of shows across many continents. We are, first and foremost, music fans and our guiding principle is simple: music unites us in ways nothing else can. We stand in service to bringing people together around the live experience of music in the hopes that preconceptions dissolve, where borders are diminished, and where we in our humanity are ultimately seen as one. Music alone can bring people together and we endeavor to be a part of that.